Our Centre was founded in 2021, with equal funding from the Australian National University (ANU) and Optus.

Lives and animals lost

In that fire season, catastrophic conditions of prolonged drought, high temperatures, and strong winds combined, leading to an unprecedented over 24 million hectares burned, 3,000 homes destroyed, and 33 human lives lost – in addition to unknown numbers of wild animals and livestock.

Black Summer

The Centre established in response to the 2019-20 Australian ‘Black Summer’ of bushfires.

Climate change

With increasing changes to climate, the conditions seen during the Black Summer are likely to recur, and possibly worsen, in Australia’s future, highlighting the need for a robust technological system for managing bushfires Australia-wide.

Our values

The principles that underpin our work.

Impact Delivering a real impact on bushfire management through research that can be translated into practical fire management practices and technologies.
Collaboration Working with experts and end-users across industry and government to ensure research is well-informed and fit-for-purpose.
Innovation Fostering creativity and the testing and development of novel approaches and technologies.

Our Strategy

How we are delivering our purpose and advance our vision.

  • Undertaking advanced research
  • Demonstrating advanced technology
  • Shaping standards and regulations
  • Leading public conversations
  • Setting government expectations
  • Empowering local companies with open-source IP
  • Evaluating potential technology
  • Benchmarking products