Optus and The Australian National University have joined forces to develop a revolutionary national system that aims to detect bushfires early and put them out within minutes.

“I want to thank Optus for their vision, support and for joining us in this vital mission that will only become more essential as fires become more frequent, larger and more deadly.”
– Professor Brian Schmidt,
ANU Vice-Chancellor and President 2016-2023

We recognise that climate change has driven an increase in the intensity of bushfires and length of the bushfire season. That is why Optus is taking proactive steps to improve early detection and extinguishment. Through joint funding of the Bushfire Research Centre, ANU and Optus Business and Enterprise are sharing our strengths and resources, combining Optus’ leading network and satellite capabilities with ANU’s academic leadership. This is what it’s going to take to make a difference to building our nation’s resilience and capabilities for these catastrophic events.