Our vision

A new system of bushfire management, where early ignitions can be accurately and reliably detected, and suppressed before they become too large to control.

Our purpose

To foster and evaluate research and technology innovation, to drive Australian resilience against catastrophic bushfires.


Our technology will mark a significant advancement in Australia’s bushfire management capabilities.

Early detection and suppression of fires is crucial in reducing the risk of large, uncontrollable fires. The current system relies on public emergency calls, intermittent surveillance from staffed fire towers, and crewed fire-spotting aircraft that are expensive, cannot operate under extreme weather conditions, and pose risks to staff. As a proof of concept, we are partnering with industry leaders and organisations such as the ACT Rural Fire Service and ACT Parks and Conservation Service to demonstrate and evaluate new methods and technologies that will improve detection and response time.

We are currently testing our suite of early fire detection technologies in the bushland of the Australian Capital Territory collaborating with the ACT Rural Fire Service, the ACT Parks and Conservation Service and our industry partners.

Our Mission at the Bushfire Research Centre of Excellence is to revolutionise bushfire management in Australia by demonstrating an integrated open-source suite of robust sensing and analysis technologies that enable emergency responders to quickly find and extinguish fires before they become uncontrollable.

Creating Sovereign Capability

To successfully manage catastrophic fire conditions in Australia’s changing climate we need to do things differently – the tools and technologies we have relied on cannot control the fires that burn in a hotter, drier, country.

At the Bushfire Research Centre of Excellence, we are working with industry and other partners to create a new paradigm of fire management – developing new and existing technological solutions to rapidly detect and suppress fires.

Combining technological solutions drawn from space, defence, communications and earth observations, the Centre’s thought leadership is informing the future direction of fire-fighting in Australia.

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