Vision for the project

To develop an IoT (internet of things) ground-based sensor system to provide rapid detection of fires in their early stages.


Research focuses on the development and testing of sensors that can detect early “signals” from a fire and raise an alarm. This can include TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) and eCO2 (equivalent CO2) emitted by a fire. The research also includes the associated data processing and communication methods.

Sensing and detection performances of the developed sensor network are tested on real fires from experimental and prescribed burns. This also helps to determine which signals are most effective in early fire detection.

Sensor network performance will be enhanced through energy efficient operation (providing power through solar panels), and through the development of smart data processing algorithms for timely fire detection while minimising false alarms. This will utilise local decisions made by individual sensor nodes and final decision at a cloud platform. The range of the sensor network may also be extended by using intermediate relaying nodes and gateways.

Chief Investigator

Prof Xiangyun (Sean) Zhou
+61 2 6125 4054

Project Team

Prof Salman Durrani
Dr Sheeraz Alvi
Dr Chui Chan